Jonas Chapuis, Ph.D.


Passionate software engineer and functional coder. I love creating systems that scale and delight users.

I’m currently at ZF as a Principal Software Engineer, where we bring the fleet orchestration technology we developed at Bestmile to a large scale with multi-thousand vehicle fleets.

Previously I was employee #10 at Nexthink where I made important contributions to its revolutionary software for user-centric enterprise IT, which has now grown to a billion-dollar worth business.

Before Nexthink, I had created an application for computer-aided surgery which was used at several hospitals, for which I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Bern in 2006. I am also an EPFL graduate, where I earned my M.Sc. in 2001.

I’ve also done some teaching at the HEIG-VD engineering school and I regularly speak at conferences and meetups. I also try to contribute to open source as much as possible, and I have created the library endless4s for describing sharded and event sourced entities using tagless-final algebras.